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Visiting -Svetac and Brusnik islands in Adriatic

 ..goving over the sea never repets 

Coming from the 2D world by default and continuing on the surface of the 3D world – the sea is exciting and never the same 

The destination is ahead, but being on the sea with the winds gives me the opportunity to be present and connected even more as ALL is ONE. This time, the 2D and 3D worlds merged even more, fish and sponges below and birds above were close neighbours!

These feelings also came to me when Neja Rojc shared this blissful time with me. Neja is deeply connected to animal kingdoms, whoever and wherever these animals are.

It was a simple visit to two islands in the open sea of the Adriatic. One is the small pure volcano island of Brusnik, and the other is the island of Svetac. It was a “call” to get to know the places and not the people. Anyway, no people were supposed to live here, as we were told beforehand. But there are actually 4 people living on Svetac.

My first impression when approaching Brusnik was WOW, such a crowded place with spirits dwelling in small and big black rocks scattered all over the island.

The rocks! Mineral & crystalline matter, the great body of Gaia lives and gives the heartbeat, the pulse we all relate to … In the middle of nowhere, in the presence of all connectedness, it was magic and much more real …

Get to know more about Neja: Terra Anima Society for Deep Ecology and CENTER KIRON


wherever- however-whatever we "do", we live traces, which are NOT forgotten BUT embedded  

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Released by MED Land project / film, photography, editing: BB  text editing - proofreading: Tadej Turnšek, godfather of the story Barbara Ćeferin

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In between – Aine

If I was to describe the 4 weeks' time of Inbetweening with Áine, I’d use the sentence ‘Is that so?’ from a story about Zen master Hakuin that Áine told me one day on the boat.

A very ‘humble, disciple, and great master in one’-soul; young, full of passion to learn, to experiment, to be persistent, but also willing to surrender when need be…; is that so.

Formally we got stuck with the maintenance work on the boat that was not finished in time to do the planned MED trip BUT! we took this trip from day to day heading through MED Land tasks that always need to be done.. for the good reason to create conditions where we can meet and exchange what and for what we are ..

Aine started a new Youtube channel for MEDLand Project, and created three videos during her time here – including a video specifically about our In Between-time:

What is Med Land Project? -intro on youtube

This video briefly describing what Med Land Project is, why it exists, where it operates, how it came to be, and what it aims to do. If you are interested in a deeper explanation, please hop over to this video: by Aine

In Between: Nalu's Engine Surgery

  video: by Aine

In Between: Handover

s video: by Aine

AND :  image review-selection of Ainas pics from that time, that I can point out :

1,2 - dynamic composition, by default static- main object in the center BUT here  front and background is in a dynamic relationship and makes photos beautiful 

3 - again every bit has a sense here..I start and end looking where the eyes should be and I do not miss them! 

4- a detail with a lot of stories that light and color speak directly 

5- the light dominates here! light has a form..

6- if you forget about the bike and observe only shadow starts to "move on " 


images of a storyteller :-))

...wrigting, droving, filming, photografing ...  storytelling 

follow her here

and Instagram of-course :

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NEW channel! where all WGO MEDLand videos appear

subscribe :-)) 

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In between – handower…

The times in which we are living is...MEDLand project is...

In Between

The engine, the heartbeat of Nalu was handover to Sučoraj, just 60km from Nalu home port but long enough to traveland meet Nikša, the archeologist from Sučuraj* and stop at the stone circle-new land art structure on Hvar island : 


THIS GEOPUNCTURE CIRCLE IS DEDICATED TO THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE. Erected at the end of May 2022 at the Stari Grad Field - Hvar island in Croatia, in the olive growth of Aldo Čavić. It is a creation of Slovenian VITAAA Art Group - creators: Marko Pogačnik, Marika Pogačnik ,Ivana Petan,Aleš Križnar, Nataša Hrast, Simona Čudovan.

 * Nikša Vujnović - does very interesting guided tours in and around Sućoraj! and you can find him in souvenir shop in port >< recommended by medlanders 

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Released by MED Land project / film, photography, editing: BB  text editing - proofreading: Tadej Turnšek, godfather of the story Barbara Ćeferin

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In between-Nalu’s engine surgery 

The times in which we are living is; 

In Between

MEDLand project is;

In Between

The engine, the heartbeat of Nalu is also; 

In Between

HOW come? A dear friend, Japec Jakopin, who has cared of the Medland project's well-being from the very start; originally as a board/team member, defining the 'why, who, how, when & for whom' this project is aimed – and continuously helping to maintain Nalu – has donated her a truly prima boat engine. 

Without Japec and many others, this project would just exist on paper, and not in the water, crossing long distances over the sea to MED islands with Nalu.

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Released by MED Land project / film, photography, editing: BB  text editing - proofreading: Tadej Turnšek, godfather of the story Barbara Ćeferin

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ABOVE expectations..

2021 MED Land destinations were Peloponnese and Crete. Ivana Petan, Ida Glušič, Matej Michalec and BB were the team.

MEDLand 2021 Ivana, Maček, bb first days to the first Greek island

Maćek produced 5 WGO films about the trip and Storytelling encounters on the Peloponnese, all on MED Land >WGO 

BB did two main stories, and one together with Ida (yet to be published).

Ivana did report of her geomantic encounters with the beings of the places we stopped (yet to be published).

Ida was making WGO films, and she made the first one, a film with Dimitris Therianos, even before we meet, while waiting for us to pick her up! AND a special film for the main story about Zlatka from Crete (yet to be published).

The last MED Land trip in 2021, from Pylos (Peloponnese) to Stari Grad (Hvar island in the Adriatic) was above expectations.

We decided to postpone “the sailing back from Crete“ to our home port to the end of July, when all planed stories were done, but we still had a 1000 km long sailing trip to reach our home port on the island of Hvar in the Adriatic. We wanted to have additional time for this long trip and focus on yet another theme.

The theme I was longing for on our long trip back to our home port in the Adriatic was to observe, experience and communicate with elements, like waves, streams, winds ...

I could not get the promised crew till the 1st of October and left 16 days later than planned. I met our new crew member Iva here for the first time, when I picked her up with the car on the way to Split. From there, we continued by ferries to Ancona and Patras, and from there on by buses and taxis to the boat. Iva has never before on a sailing boat before, but she is a person strongly connected to nature, especially to Iceland, where she lives now.

There was over 80 NM from Peloponnese to Zakynthos island (main port Zante)  – and since I had to fix some things on the boat, we started late and it was already dark when we arrived at the main port of Zakynthos island.

VIDEO - Iva has never been on a sailing boat before! But in a few hours, she already confidently took over the rudder :-))


Jana Prepeluh, an artist from Slovenija, was the second team member, with her last sailing experience on Nalu, when we did our first research trip to Greece for the MED Land project in September 2016! Jana was waiting for us on Zakynthos and spent some time with the Therianos familly.

It was a full moon day when the weather started to turn unstable, windy, rainy, stormy, forecast for several days to come! Uh-oh, what to do? I missed the super stable sunny and warm weather. I knew very well that if the weather changes around full moon, it means it will stay unstable ... And indeed it was.

After two, three hours of sleep in the port of Zante, a strong noise of the boat hitting the pier woke me up! It was a serious situation because of the very strong wind and big waves in the port. Luckily, I found some big plastic drums on the road and tied them between the boat and the pier. Next thing was to find a better place. In two hours, I found a better place, but in the meantime, the wind picked up much more! It was impossible for Iva and me to push Nalu away from the pier. At that very moment, early in the morning, young strong men appeared on the pier and helped us to do the maneuver! The wind became even stronger, and we had to stay in Zante for two more days and hope for a one-day gap with less wind, just enough to reach Ithaca. Jana joined us in Zante, but because the boat was moving so much, she got sea sick already in the port … Not many would be willing to go out sea sick, but Jana, as strong as she is, did it. And all the way for the next four days, she did everything to be positive and overcome sea-sickness . 

..two more days in a safest part of the port..

Marketplace in Zante

Late in the night, in strong rain and wind, we reached Vathy, the main port of Ithaca. The port was empty, but a man approached us, greeting us: ”I remember you! Yes, here you can tie the boat, and electricity and water are free – a leftover of previous boat, take it, and welcome!“ On Ithaca, we had a one-day stop to meet with Leila again (MED Land story).

She always inspires me! What she did and how she lives now on her farm, full of experiments, will be in the upcoming update of her story.

The next port was Gaios on the island of Paxos, and the already normal procedure was to tie the boat in heavy rain and strong wind. The early morning ritual was to get some diesel, which happened in15 minutes ... ”Welcome, you are here again!”, with a big smile from the diesel truck that drives through the port to fill up boats. We had to take of as soon as possible, since we had another long trip to reach Othonoi island – the last Greek island before Otranto, the passage between Albania and Italy, and AGAIN with only one-day gap of less winds on the route to reach the destination.

North of Othonoi, we had to wait again, but it was a must-stop anyway to meet Yiannis Katehis (MED Land story) , who also  became a harbor master, apart from being the vice president of three islands. He is a hyperactive activist and a never-ending inspiration for me. My brother, I could say ... He spent with us one wonderful day, in his studio, with his mother serving us the best pasta and with long, great conversations that we had in a coffee shop. The update will tell more! 

Yiannis' success on Othonie is finally a proper ferry line every day ...

... AND fresh SPRING water for the whole island. More in the update >>>  

In the port, there was a single Italian sailor on a much bigger boat than Nalu, also waiting for the right time to cross Otranto towards Italy. I decided to take of early, very early in the morning, when the winds started to go down. And Jana was not ready to go with me this time. She stayed on Othoni for another couple of hours to join the Italian sailor, who decided to do a much shorter route to Italy, which was not convenient for us considering the forecast for the following days. This was the best solution!  After 22 hours on the sea with big waves and also rain during the last hours, Iva was still in a positive, relaxed mood. And finally. the port of Brindisi! I was sure it was going to be calm inside, but it was NOT.

We arrived to Brindisi in the night and tried to moor in two places - but still to much movement up and down. Morning came soon, and I walked to all marinas in the port to get a place.

Naval Balsamo was definitely the best bet: very kind family business, also boat-building and repairing site, all that you need was here for a fair flat price! 

Here, I discovered that the engine cooling system is leaking water! I took off the part that was leaking, and since they could not weld copper here in marina, they took me immediately by car to the car cooling system mechanic. In a good half an hour, I was back and the job was done! 

BEST pizza place. Strict COVID regulations in pizza restaurants brought us to this family shop with TOP pizza and all that we needed for food. After two visits, we were already "friends" and we got extras like pasta, vegies etc. as a gift.

As always, I talked to other people in the port who we also waiting for the wind to go down. And that is how I met Tomaž, who was on an even smaller boat  - a wooden sailing boat from Sweden - waiting to cross the Adriatic. “Good, we sail together than“ - and that is what we did, two Slovenes with two funky sailing boats, the only wooden boats in the port. We started the next evening, a 33-hour trip to reach the Korčula island. When we came out from the port, there were still big waves and NE wind - a difficult direction for our route, but we knew that sooner or later the wind will go down :-)) Still in the night, when I could already use autopilot since the sea calmed down, I found out that the autopilot was not working any more. ”Tomaž, Tomaž, Tomaž“, was my call on Channel 9, and I asked him to sail in front of us, so we could follow his lights. The trip over the open sea in a tandem was really much easier :-)) . **We crossed the deepest part of the Adriatic, and observing water, waves, light, clouds here was very inspiring for me. One of  the inspirations was that the see, as well as rivers, are (in many cases) the places where the primeval earth forces can be very dynamic, more dynamic than on solid land.

All in all, the trip was intensive, but also very inspiring . The key for this experience was that Iva, who NEVER EVER did a sailing trip before, was completely “in” all the time, happy, relaxed and reliable to do anything that was needed, including taking over the rudder under the sails for many hours. She was happy being on this trip, so I could be in tune with what was going on and relaxed, even when I was wet, cold and tired. In this way, the true wave that was taking us over was being at the right place at the right time and meet “good” heartful people who were really helpful and touched my heart deeply. The landing on Korčula was a welcome story for as again: the marina stuff did not charge us, and the police and custom registration process upon arrival to Croatia was very relaxed.

We did miss 16 essential days of good weather, but I would not change it after ALL! I had to be really open to observe, experience and communicate with elements such as waves, streams, winds, in conditions that where pulling me to survival mode! Exactly opposite to where I wanted to be ... And what happened was that I reached this blissful in-tune moments, to be first of all in experience mode and be inspired, like in the middle of the Adriatic, above the deepest part of this big bay, in a very deep way. If you feel blessed at the end, then EVERYTHING had meaning ... That is how the life should be ... Ready for next passage.

It took another night and day to reach the island of Šćedro - a small island along Hvar island. Nobody could expect that this small island under its "bigger brother" could be an entire world of its own! I keep coming back to understand more about these two close, and yet so different individuals-islands. “Yes, it is like this,” I heard a whisper, “because these two islands grew up long ago in different evolution times, when dragons were the most active.” Which one is older? “It does not matter, all is also now.”

Šćedro island

Šćedro island

And the last challenge on this trip awaited us on the way back, already in Split, where I have parked the car, a borrowed car :-)), and found out that a whole exhaustion system was stolen! And also the car battery was completely empty, because I left the lights on :-)) It was already the middle of the day, and even though I had battery cables to connect to cars from people that wanted to help, it didn't work. BUT, very quickly, situation started to go in a different direction. The nearby housekeeper of the Naval Museum is a mechanic who had special cables. He managed to start the engine and even take me to a very kind car exhaust mechanic at the outskirts of Split. Of course, there was no way to get the original exhaust system, so he made a new on in just 3 hours :-)) . Meanwhile, Iva was in the port waiting with my luggage, including the money that I needed. Mechanic was far from the port, and luckily a taxi stopped ... "We are the cheapest in town! Take a sweet from me to calm down ... “ were his first words, and quickly we found out that we have common friends since he was from Sarajevo. Like Ibrahim Spahić. The exhaust system was repaired just in time, since I was in a rush to return to Slovenia because my computer was also broken, and a repair specialist was on his way. I reached him in time! I had to leave the computer with him since its motherboard was broken, but Primož lent me one with my disk inside, so I was able to work without any delay for the next few weeks :-))

Why do I write all this?

This time, it all started in Ancona on the way to Greece by ferry with Iva. We had time almost all day, and I went "for a walk" alone and with an open heart. The first encounter was with a refugee from Sri Lanka, and when I sat on the bench next to him to eat, I offered him some food. I saw him as a person in trouble. He refused to take any food, and in short conversation he convinced me that he is not in a bad situation at all! He sees opportunities, knowing where and how to go to continue his life, and he is also in contact with his family!

I went on towards my destination, an old big palm tree in the middle of the town ... A friend. I could not find her ... I circled persistently around the area. Finally, I came to the "no tree any more" place, just a tree stump! WHY? Last time, it looked heathy, strong, biggest among many in the park, which were still there. For me, this palm tree was playing an important role as a pilar of vital connections and interactions blessing and interacting with Ancona. I stayed there for a while, and slowly, the palm tree appeared to be still there! Still existing on a nonphysical level, but actively present ... Still living. This is beyond imagination, but to grasp some of this, I had to open my heart very much, and this kept me going. Focused, peaceful observation, as well as acceptance of the adventures that come my way, being aware that I am doing my best, gave me a very special experience that I love to share with you, straight into the universe. THANK YOU ALL!

Ancona >>>

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Released by MED Land project, photos by BB, film by : Ida Glušič;  voice, words : ZlatkaFerlez

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Exhibition »VENICE – EMBRYO OF THE NEW EARTH SPACE« is extended

 'Summary' : Six years ago, MED Land project started in Venice, and in 2020, Venice was again inspiring me in a new way. This year, the book “Venice - Embryo of the New Earth Space” was published, and the exhibition with the same title, on display in ZRC SAZU Atrium gallery from 22 December 2021, has been extended to 21 January 2022
NA DAN ZAPRTJA RAZSTAVE BOM V GALERIJI, da vam predstavim zgodbo projekta in da podpišem NOVO fotografsko knjigo, »Benetke – seme novega planetarnega prostora«, ki ponovno nagovarja izvorni prostor projekta MED Land: Benetke. Projekt je potekal v letu 2020, kjer nič ni ponovljenega , in se spogleduje z Benetkami kot prostorom inspiracije za preskok v novi svet in nove čase.

Še posebej pozivam tiste, ki ste podpirali, donirali in na različne načine sodelovali v projektu, da vam poklonim podpisano knjigo! Sicer pa je glede na izredno malo, butično naklado (120 knjig) in zelo kvaliteten tisk cena le 35 EUR! Pričakujem vas med 12h in 20h!

Risbe Marka Pogačnika (originali in fotografije Bojana Breclja, serija 3+2, natisnjene na arhivski papir in unikatno uokvirjene – format 27x41cm + okvir) – so zelo ugodno naprodaj: 250 EUR.

Kontakt: Galerija Fotografija, +386 1 25 11 529;

NAJPREJ PA SI JIH OGLEJTE: Atrij ZRC SAZU, Novi Trg 2 do petka, 21. januarja 2022 do 21h (vstop brez PCT!)

From Peloponnese(GR) to Hvar islaland, sailing and photography

 IZREDNA priložnost, da veš več o fotografiji in jadranju 

EXCELLENT opportunity to know more about photography and sailing >> in english below 

 pridruži se na deset dnevno pot po morju, na barki-jadrnici iz Grćije (Peloponeza ) do Jadrana (otoka Hvara -Stari Grad) kjer boš lahko ispopoplnjeval v fotografiji pod mentorstvom Bojana Breclja- Delavnica je idividualna-usklajene s tvojimi usmiritvami in izkušnjami-znanjem. Osnovna tema delavnice je sporazumevanje s svetlobo ( in senco ki rišeta podob,. mi pa jih dojemamo v neštetih oblikah- procesi opazovanja, tehnična znanja…

> Točka kjer isplujemo je Pylos, zahodna stran Peloponeza.  2-3 oktober 

>jaz bom v marini  1 oktober - petek zvečer

potujem iz Lj : 

29.9. GoOpti > Venezia ferry port 6.30,  38 Eur 

Venezia > Patras  33h(21h naslednji dan ) 95 EUR , prespim 23 EUR in naslednji dan bus do Pylos via Kalamata xxEUR

Prispevek za ućne ure, hrano, gorivo in vsi ostali stroški( dovoljenja za plovbo in pristanišča) so 280 EUR 

Pluje se z nočnimi postanki in malo daljšim na Itaki in Othoniju in Korčuli kjer bomo vstopili v Hr vode… 

Dan za tem pristanemo na Hvaru -Stari Grad, od koder je veš trajektov dnevno v Split. Od Splita do LJ , bom potoval z BlaBla car .. kar sproti urejam .

Priporočam da pogledaš MEDLand stran >> WGO da vidiš kako potujemo in  STORIES >> da vidiš kaj ustvarjamo 

Za vse pojasnila in prijavo SE JAVI NA 041765714 oz’ in

PROSTORA JE ZA MAX DVA !    Srečno, bojan

in English : 

Join a ten-day trip by the sea, on a sailboat from Greece (Peloponnese) to the Adriatic (island of Hvar-Stari Grad) where you will be able to perfect your photography under the mentorship of Bojan Brecelj- The workshop is individual-coordinated with your composures and experiences- knowledge. The basic theme of the workshop is communication with light (and shadows that draw images, and we perceive them in countless forms - observation processes, technical knowledge…

The point where we start sail is Pylos on the  W side of the Peloponnese. October 2-3

I will be at the marina October 1 - Friday night

I travel from Lj:

29.9. GoOpti> Venezia ferry port 6.30, 38 Eur

Venice> Patras 33h (21h the next day) 95 EUR, sleep 23 EUR and the next day bus to Pylos via Kalamata

Contribution for lessons, food, fuel and all other costs (permits for navigation and ports) are 280 EUR

WE sail with night stops and a day or two stop on Ithaca and Othoni and Korcula where we will enter Hr vode…

The day after that we land on Hvar - Stari Grad, from where there are several ferries a day, to Split. From Split to LJ, I will travel with BlaBla car ... which I will reserve whene we anchor in Stari Grad.

I recommend you look at the MEDLand page >> WGO to see how we travel, and on STORIES >> to see what we createFor all explanations and registration, CALL 041765714 or

SPACE IS FOR MAX TWO! , Good luck, Bojan

Nalu, Med Land Project


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Released by MED Land project 2021 June/ film Ida Glušič  editing:Ida Glušič, BB, photo: BB, voice : interview with Korinna Miliaraki

Coming back to the carob trees

In Crete, a true magic happened. By meeting Korinna, we got a chance to learn about the great value of carob trees, which they are willing to share with us.

Thanks to Korinna and a network of farmers and experts who actively promote, grow, breed and farm it, the carob tree is “coming back“ and bringing good to our common future. We visited Korinna’s friends, “carob activists“, old carob trees, and a carob forest in southern Crete. It became obvious there, that carob tree doesn't need much water to grow and bear fruits which can be eaten directly from the tree. Carob trees can be over 1000 years old and regenerate similar to the olive tree.

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Released by MED Land project 2021 June/ film Ida Glušič  editing:Ida Glušič, BB, photo: BB, voice : interview with Korinna Miliaraki

Bringing forest back to Earth -The Southern Lights project

film by  Ida Glušič

»The older the tree gets, the harder you can manage. If you have an avocado tree, which is like 5 m tall and you still pick avocados it is not the same thing as if it's 25 m high and you can not pick them anymore … So you just leave this avocado tree. It will still producing, but you will not be able to manage it. So you just go to the new land. It depends where you are on the earth. In the Amazon it will goes faster as you are in the Alps. It's gona take way more time to go into a primary forest. That's the idea to take the evolution of agroculture to the primary forest, which is defined by the death. Natural death of adult trees.« 

Quote about forest farming: Chan Sac Balam (collaborating with southern lights)More about Chan:

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Released by MED Land project 2021 June/ film Ida Glušič  editing:Ida Glušič, BB, photo: BB, voice : interview with Sheila Darmos  

#6 Coming and Going – MEDland Project (June 2021)

Three hours by car could be three days traveling with the wind and currents - it actually took us three days to touch each finger of Peloponnese.
Traveling over the sea brings you to the other places and experiences, especially if you depend on elements and movements of the air and sea - winds and waves and safe ports.

In MEDland project this is an essential method to tune to the Mediterranean world which actually the vast majority is the sea.
Sea is not just flat but also very deep, in some points where we went is over 5000 meters!
MEDland project is focused primarily on islands which are from the tiniest to the biggest each its own world with specific beingness and culture that found its roots on Crete, Ikaria, Samos, Lesbos, Chios, Syros,Andros, Paros, Samothraki, Zakyntos, Itaka, Othoni..
Going over the sea from island to island this time, gave me a strong impulse to observe how Mediterranean islands and three continents are connected and interact as one living organism, including countless “individuals", places and inhabitants, and layers of parallel worlds.

Sea is only a natural boundary...the other side is that sea-water is, in my observations, the most perfect “internet” where infinite information interact, merge, change, create something new, transform…
HOW to connect to this “internet”?

When I do it just a little bit, I can observe a miraculous world which is actually already all co-connected…harmoniously interacting and waiting for us humans to step into this for US new cycle of living, which is being, learning, and co-creating together with Gaia. 
On MEDland flag, representing the project and hanging from the first day from the boat, is written Mediterranean - united by the sea.

Video: Filming: Matej Michalec, Editing: Matej Michalec, Bojan Brecelj, Ida Glušič

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Released by MED Land project / film,  editing: Matej Michalec text bb -  MED Land productin (WGO 2021)

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