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Volunteer Kubilay Günther

Besides being involved into the MED Land Project see how our volunteer Kubilay Günther enjoys his wonderful time with us...

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about MED Land Project – 
Interview with Bojan Brecelj

“After 21 days of intensive time, off and shore of Aegean 
islands I got inspirited to do an interview with Bojan about
the MED Land Project. Thank you for being a part of it!”

interview and film by Kubilay Günther – Volunteer 2018/Sep-Okt

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5 years ago

Making Of: Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis

Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis

We had a chance to meet the fabulous neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis, who was born in 1936 in Ikaria - times in history in which Ikaria was an occupied island. Thus he went through times being a refugee in Cairo those days, he finished his medicine degree in Germany.
Nowadays he lives most of the year on Ikaria where he started the Association of Ikarian Studies. It is a cultural organization publishing books and open to manage any projects "to improve life on Ikaria”. 
He is helping people around Mediterranean with his medical knowledge, which is also about the herbs that he studies lately. Christodoulos is a sailor and his latest passion is also organising Senior Regatta’s on Ikaria.

To learn more about his unique life story and the way of living with 81 years - story coming soon...

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Making Of: Mediterranean wooden boatbuilder

>01.10.2018> Giorgos and Stella are a married couple living on Samos island in Greece. Together they build wooden boats in an atmosphere that mixes both passion and hard work. Learn more about the uniqueness life being a boatbuilder in Mediterranean with the coming story...

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