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Traces of MED Land Project

>27. 1. 2017<

See our first publicly shown  interactive-slideshow about the MED Land project -Nights of Museums /Museum of Stari Grad-Hvar island CRO /MSG is a partner in the project /

>>>> "interactive slideshow" to advance use right arrow > on keyboard, or tap on smartphone

…in 2016 the MED project concept was rewritten with the orientation on the islands, and I needed an experience that would answer me what does it mean to sail longer distances to new places … find a safe place in the port, do all needed on the boat, and have time to work on the project. It is about the timing, how much time and my attention do I need for “the approach from the sea”. 

Fifteen people backed me up! to do this logistic research trip! to Ionian Islands..