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Bojan speaks of MED in DELO News!

>30. 4. 2018<

Bojan speaks MED as of a plan to (re)present people who bring the spirit of collaboration for sustainable, peaceful and creative development of society to the ancient islands.

Načrt o predstavljanju ljudi, ki na ta starodavna otočja prinašajo duh sodelovanja za vzdržen, miroljuben in kreativni razvoj družbe.

Read the interview in Delo.
*The interview is in slovene language.


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NEW Story: Panos Moraitis

>12. 4. 2018<

“I can only get 3 cents per kilogram of wool! So I do not sell it at all. We do this every year anyway, because it is good for the animals.”

Read full story.

Easter in Pitve-Svirče-Stari Grad

As part of 3D>2D photo workshop /bb/ we witness Easter in Pitve-Svirče-Stari Grad

Za križen [za kriʒen] (local vernacular Croatian for “Following the Cross”) is a night Procession that happens every Maundy Thursday on the island of Hvar, Croatia. The event has centuries of tradition and is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.[1]
The Procession is a unique ceremony of a special piety, and an expression of a religious and cultural identity of the inhabitants of the middle part of the island of Hvar
The backbone of the Procession is the Gospin plač [ɡospin platʃ] (Croatian: Weeping of the Lady), octosyllabic Passion text from the 15th century that in the form of music Dialog sing chosen singers, kantaduri