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Embraced by Samothraki: The mountain in the Sea

“Either you love it - or you hate it and you have to leave immediately” was a sentence repeated by many. Especially the ones that migrated and live here now for years…and their love affair goes on. They are the active population for the needed changes in a land of “no compromises”
voice: Giorgos Maskalidis >>> video

Making a “story” Bojan explains

"To do the story it is to connect to a person because this stories are personal stories. A person that jumped over the fence. This means that it is someone who fells connected to the place, developing his/her own ways of sustainable living and who is also acting  for the community well-being. It is not so important what she, he is doing, but HOW and WHY.“ >> video

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a couple of years ago

Christodoulos and Ulysses traveling together: over the Marmara Sea to the Bosporus / Troy and Constantinople

Here are our news from Turkey: Christos - doctor and psychiatrist - sailed through the Dardanelles, the Marmara Sea and the Bosporus to two metropolis: Troy and Istanbul. For the Turkish part of the  trip, Bojan and Eleonora joined Christos on his boat. >> video

PS : The fist team of 2019 MEDLand storytellig-project is related to the last recorded story in 2018: Christodoulos is the heart of the team now - and the focus of the story. How comes? We are four now, plus one.. Eleonora from Berlin, Germany, connected to the project through Workaway-platform. Her skills are journalism - audio, with a finger in video also.

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a couple of years ago