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A discourse with Ikaria island

    Can We?        talk to the island 

Bojan >

The cause:

the inspiration to do the project in the Mediterranean was asking the Mediterranean cosmos about the present times: Who are you now? What is going on, who is taking advantage, if there is any, that goes beyond the wealth of the Mediterranean melting pot, where three continents meet over the great sea, and is now exploited by the principles of making decisions between people to control land and (mis)use resources ... Commercially, the Mediterranean stopped being interesting a long time ago. Trade routes go elsewhere ...

The way I can understand the evolution of civilization as recorded till now is based on "fertile land", generated by potentials of the "land", a place ,river, region, island, valley, mountain ...

I love to "go" ... Go around landscapes and seas. And connect, reflect and express "the beauty" that inspires me. But honestly, people who do live here, connected to the place, developing more sustainable, in-depended, inventive and community sharing-orientated lives, can really speak of the potentials for a new peaceful, compassionate, interconnected civilization, which I am longing for. The Mediterranean gave birth to many advanced civilizations periods, which meant a big push, especially for the Western civilization. Now? Now it is beautiful, pleasant, highly vibrant, with strong streams of deep sea and moving air, strong winds, hundreds of “chill out” place, islands. 

The future in general, as the Mediterranean actually thought me, it is not only something new that is being born in this place(s) , or in the Andes, or in the Himalayas, or on the Nile ... But it is based on the connected world of numerous entities, places, living beings, elemental beings, strings-streams like harmonious resonances led by life itself.

My lead to Ikaria >> "I wanted to meet Christodoulos Xenakis" and here is his STORY, after we did quite some special things together and I spent great time with him, being his guest and visiting places, people together... Connecting with Ikaria.

But, there is another side: Ivana, Tea and Marko DID "speak directly" to the land land and sea winds of Ikaria, and I also responded with images ...

Ivana Petan /

Ikaria &Ivana

I recognized the shape of Ikaria island as a phallus, where life energy enters and accumulates on its west side and travels up to the east side. While the west side of the island felt deeply connected with fire and earth element, as a place where cosmos information gets embodied, I sensed the east side to be more of water and air quality, embodying the uniqueness of Ikaria and sharing it with the outer space. The deepest and crucial experience which shaped my understanding of Ikaria's primal quality was a visit to an ancient Ranthi forest in the middle of Ikaria. Ranthi forest opened to me as the centre of the island, formed as a double pyramid, one up to the top of the sky and the other down to the earth core. There, in my vision, I met a woman, with closed eyes, her hair gently swaying in the air, continuously caressed by the wind. I recognized her as the primal quality of the island, a feminine strength as an aspect of every human essence, which embraces acceptance, patience, openness, a silent open heart and invisible endurance, until the time for a cycle-change arrives. But, as I sensed, this cycle-change has not yet arrived, it is still being waited for. Therefore, a woman is getting frozen, unrealized, but without worries, she continues to persist, forever.

During the time spent on Ikaria, I felt its connection with the island of Crete. One of its aspects is named in the sole name of Ikaria, coming from the ancient Greek myth of Icarus, who didn't obey his father Daedalus, flew too high and too close to the sun, burnt his feather wings and ended his life falling down to the sea. For me, this myth also verbalizes the important quality of Ikaria. Distancing from the usual understanding of the myth, I focused on the flying aspect, pointing to the element of air, which among human qualities goes hand in hand with awareness. As such, awareness (Icarus, new) is always in relationship with tradition (Daedalus, old). In other words, the present moment is always in a relationship with the past. For me, it is important to reflect here on the question of the connection between the past and the present, and the embodiment of its answer. The past, reflecting in our ancestors and old knowledge, acts like grounding, the roots, and is not to be neglected and forgotten. But at the same time, can the past ways be taken as a priori ways of being in the present time? Did Icarus “fall” due to his “wrong”, un-traditional (patriarchal) decision, or did he choose, responsibility, to apply traditional ways in his own creative way, regardless of the consequences?

There were also dreams escorting my days on Ikaria, where many of them, in different aspects, touched and actualised the theme of feminine quality, abiding in every human being, in relationship with the current patriarchal system, and absence of its balance also on present Ikaria. In this sense, as another dominant quality of the island, the connection with the god Dionysus appeared to me. Dionysus is said to be born on Ikaria, which makes this island much prone to his character. In my understanding, the Dionysiac qualities could be (generally) seen as the prevalence of the heart quality over the reason, and are shown in the Icarian way of living still today: a slow way of living, patience, joyfulness, kindness, solidarity, having time for friends and celebrations, much distancing from the tourism and other aspects of consumerism. On Ikaria, time itself has a different quality and the way of spinning, and contains many feminine qualities. But simultaneously, it is being suffocated and challenged by patriarchy, often unconsciously and unquestionably as “the normal way things are”. My vision of the Ranthi forest woman is one of its witnesses. Ikaria is the place where this imbalance between two main dwelling qualities can be deeply sensed and reflected upon for possibilities of its re-tuning. 

For all this, I sense Ikaria as an important place for supporting and implementing the changes needed for a new world cycle to begin, primarily growing from a different human relationship philosophy.

The Place where Icarus landed 

Friday, November 13, 2020, canyon at Raches

In my vision, I saw dragons circling over the canyon. One descended mightily, grabbed a large egg in the canyon, and watched it with great enthusiasm. The egg cracked and a yellow chicken looked out of it. Its energy was that of joy to be born, openness, joyful anticipation of further events.

As I understand this experience now, this place has the quality of the original primal energy in its purity, or perhaps a quality associated with new space. Is it possible to get an impulse of the new space in this place, also connected with the gift of the inner power to live this impulse?

Saturday, November 21, 2020, the same canyon at Raches, by the rock in the sea (Bojan sent a photo), near the outflow into the sea

This place was shown to me in the form of a huge golden vessel of a round Yin shape, bottomless, from which the seeds of the primal Gaia energy are supposed to arise, be catapulted into space to fertilize it. But the vessel looked more like a memory from the past, not present here and now, perhaps even turned upside down and thus closed? Perhaps this was done with some ritual in the past for protection? Nonetheless, now, with the vessel being like this, the Gaia powers of the new space remain unattainable.

Bojan and I decided to turn over the vessel by inviting the cosmic dragons to do the work with our support. In a vision, I saw the dragons turning the vessel. Other dragons flew out of it and connected with the ones helping. There was a joy of reunion and re-connection. Their flight was accompanied by little dragons – in the form of egg-like seeds that freely “buzzed” around the space. And it seemed to me that we were both recognized by the dragons and blessed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020, valley under Katafigio

In my vision, I saw turquoise water, an enormous amount of it, falling from both banks into the valley and filling it. From the sky, golden water is falling. A man is swimming upstream, up the valley, and at the end of the path, a golden sun awaits him. Over the valley circles the eagle, observing intently the whole valley and its particular places.

My reading of this vision recognizes this valley as a place that supports individuality, intuitive decisions and intentions based on the heart and dedication, with no consideration of their consistency with the majority. opinion. Support for these decisions comes from the sky, that is, from the spiritual world.

And the eagle, he is capable of both: observing intently both the whole and its parts. So does the eagle bring awareness of the whole and its building parts?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020, by the river Meganitis, 1 km towards Karkinagra

When connecting with the place, a beam, a ray of light entered my heart on the front side and exited through the heart on my back. I felt the place as not soli, but as a water space with waves.

I experienced this place as a place that allows a contact with the causal body – the causal bodies of our incarnations, to give us an insight into who we all are (in addition to the present embodied self), and from this knowledge to build our current path.

I looked at Bojan – he turned into a “fan” of Bojans: to the left and right of his last incarnation, there were many more Bojans …

Tea and Marko (as well as Ivana in some places) "connected", observed and experienced places telepathically! Marko and Tea were never physically on Ikaria ... How did it happen? Many times "through" Gregor or me or Ivana, being physically on certain spots and meditating at the same time. It is very strong and truthful. 

Tea & Ikaria

I visited Icaria a bit differently than people usually do. I went there in my inner space of perception, connecting with the MedLand people there, who were exploring the island in a geomantic manner. While connecting to the ethereal space, I started to float above the landscape of Icaria, above the entire island. Partly, I was present in its embodied form, partly in its realm of emotions and consciousness. I felt strongly intertwined with Gaia, which allowed me to be present on both those levels.

I felt the omnipresence of water and its important role in creating new levels of being. In this beautiful experience, I sensed that Gaia is transmitting the archetypical inscription of Life into new dimensions of sustenance through the water. The water in that regard was not only perceived in terms of a vast sea surrounding the island, but especially as a consciousness enabling the manifestation of all living creatures. I sensed the primordial connection of the island with the Sun, but simultaneously, I experienced that Icaria started to cooperate immensely with the Moon – the celestial entity, which is attracting the massive water of the oceans and seas and the water within our body to the dancing tides. I perceived this cooperation as the evocation of the female principle, as a Yin symbol, which is yet to become balanced with the Yang. There was a strong impulse within my heart space, through which a specific sensation emerged: we have to raise the vibration of our heart and of all our being, and thus become deeply attuned to love and joy. Only this transformation can open us to new dimensions of harmonious living. When attached to them, we can become powerful co-creators of new realms emerging out of our heart coherence with All-that-is. Gaia is calling us and wants us to participate in this loving co-creation. I was deeply touched by the gift that Icaria gave me through my sensations.

I went deep into my heart, aware of my breath. I connected with my inner space of perception and attuned to the MedLand group, which was present physically on Icaria at that time. This allowed me to establish a profound connection with the Island. I opened myself to the new experiences that were waiting for me there. I found myself on the rocky part of the landscape. I was surrounded by rocks and stones. They looked very prodigious to me, resembling great wise elders from some other time. In a humble manner, I took a seat next to them and listened to their whispers in the light wind. I sensed them as entities with strong individual awareness, though at the same time, as those who are inextricably connected to the whole rocky layers of the Island and to the sea surrounding it. I approached them with a loving intention of establishing a connection. They revealed themselves as beings who are not just materialised but also strongly present in a plasma form. Accordingly, they are able to communicate with the subtle dimensions of the planet Gaia. Their whispers brought me closer to the Gaia’s songs and narratives of the new world, which is awaiting for us to come. I felt a warm stream in my plexus, which I understood as a connection of my own elemental being with those significant rocky beings. My heart was full of joy and happiness … In the evening, Bojan sent me an email that the location for the geopuncture circle was decided. I felt that new cosmograms, which are yet to be carved, will be echoed in the new spaces of harmonious cooperation between all earthly and celestial beings. 

 Marko & Ikaria


At the end of February 2020, I was supposed to fly to Ikaria to get to know the place for a possible Geopuncture installation that we were planning to carve there in stone with an international group of artists. But the lockdown as a measure against Covid 19 pandemic prevented my flight. Luckily, my collaborators Ivana, Bojan and Gregor arrived there before the lockdown, so I was able to connect to them remotely and get some insights about the island. I would like to share three experiences that reached me via telepathic connection and with the help of a dream.

The day I was supposed to land with the airplane on Ikaria, February 28th, 2020, I had the following vision: 

I see the island turn upside down so that its mountains reach through the sea deep down into the Earth. Than, an arch like a large diadem appeared over the island (turned upside down) , embellished with animals and human figures showing unknown forms of some very distant culture. Under the diadem a feminine face of a Goddess appeared with a mysterious smile conveying the memory of a distant era of the planetary evolution.

I interpret this vision as saying that Ikaria has roots in a culture that existed beyond the horizon of our space and time. It treasures memories of that distant culture that could be meaningful for our time of great changes. But there is obviously no connection yet between then and now. This notion was confirmed after I imagined holding hands with Ivana, Bojan and Gregor who were also on Ikaria at the time. I had a clear experience that we were not standing on the firm ground, but floating over the island in the air.

According to my experience, Ikaria is in a deep sleep, dreaming about its distant past, not fully present in here and now. The following dream of mine may hold a key to what needs to be done to open the treasures of Ikaria to the present time.

The night after I realised that no stone was found on the island that would be appropriate for our carving project, I had the following dream (March 4th, 2020):

I prepare myself to go on a boat for America. The path towards the harbour is under water, so I consider undressing and swimming towards the boat. But how to deal with my luggage? (1) Yet, there is another path leading to the harbour, which passes the top of the island. Heading there, I suddenly remember that I may have forgotten to take my passport with me. I search in my backpack – to no avail. (2) Arriving to the top of the island, I realize that the path to the harbour is grown over with thick bushes and thus useless for my intention (3). Now I look down to the harbour, but the boat for America is not to be seen. Instead, I see several half-rotten boats lying there, partly under water. (4)

After I tuned myself to Ikaria and meditated at the four points, my interpretation of the dream was as follows:

(1) I feel a strong connection to my coccyx, and then I see an etheric net, similar to fishing nets that are spread under the water all around the island. My insight says that some beings from the parallel worlds spread the net to protect the spiritual treasure of the island from being robbed in the era when Ikaria is asleep.

2) I connect the passport issue to the identity of Ikaria. The absence of the passport would mean that the true identity is lost. Looking with my inner eyes, I can see that the causal body of the island as the carrier of identity exists as a ball of etheric matter outside the island's body.

(3) Arriving to the top of the island and realising that the path is overgrown told me that the connection of Ikaria with the higher worlds is blocked. If this blockade is removed for a moment, I realize that Ikaria is a bridge between the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. I marvel at the beauty of the spiritual dimensions that Ikaria could open.

(4) The old useless boats are symbols of lost energetic connection lines to other parts of the Mediterranean, Greece and Asia Minor, which Ikaria once had and which need to be renewed and tuned to the present epoch of the planetary change.

On 8 March 2020, I was asked to experience in a telepathic way the place where we should build the mentioned Geopuncture installation with stones and carved cosmograms. My three colleagues called me on the phone when they arrived to the place, so that I could feel the place simultaneously with them.

I felt as if I was being lifted vertically high into the air over the island. Then the association came with the famous story from Greek mythology called “The Fall of Icarus”. Icarus had wings from feathers glued together with wax. Because he flew higher then proposed by his father Daedalus, the inventor of the wings, the wax melted under the sun, and Icarus fell into the sea close to the island that has since been named Ikaria.

Pondering over my experience and the myth, I believe there is a clear connection to the present conflict between the human civilization and the Earth, including her evolutions. Human culture develops technologies that overpower and control nature and its beings. In that moment of our evolution, when it seems that civilization is almighty, we must face severe consequences of the so-called “Climate Changes” and pandemic dangers that show the truth that Icarus had to experience at Ikaria.

Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace

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Released by MED Land project , photography, editing: BB text editing - proofreading: Tadej Turnšek, godfather of the story Barbara Ćeferin

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Coming back to the carob trees

In Crete, a true magic happened. By meeting Korinna, we got a chance to learn about the great value of carob trees, which they are willing to share with us.

Thanks to Korinna and a network of farmers and experts who actively promote, grow, breed and farm it, the carob tree is “coming back“ and bringing good to our common future. We visited Korinna’s friends, “carob activists“, old carob trees, and a carob forest in southern Crete. It became obvious there, that carob tree doesn't need much water to grow and bear fruits which can be eaten directly from the tree. Carob trees can be over 1000 years old and regenerate similar to the olive tree.

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Released by MED Land project 2021 June/ film Ida Glušič  editing:Ida Glušič, BB, photo: BB, voice : interview with Korinna Miliaraki

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Bringing forest back to Earth -The Southern Lights project

film by  Ida Glušič

»The older the tree gets, the harder you can manage. If you have an avocado tree, which is like 5 m tall and you still pick avocados it is not the same thing as if it's 25 m high and you can not pick them anymore … So you just leave this avocado tree. It will still producing, but you will not be able to manage it. So you just go to the new land. It depends where you are on the earth. In the Amazon it will goes faster as you are in the Alps. It's gona take way more time to go into a primary forest. That's the idea to take the evolution of agroculture to the primary forest, which is defined by the death. Natural death of adult trees.« 

Quote about forest farming: Chan Sac Balam (collaborating with southern lights)More about Chan:

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Released by MED Land project 2021 June/ film Ida Glušič  editing:Ida Glušič, BB, photo: BB, voice : interview with Sheila Darmos  

#6 Coming and Going – MEDland Project (June 2021)

Three hours by car could be three days traveling with the wind and currents - it actually took us three days to touch each finger of Peloponnese.
Traveling over the sea brings you to the other places and experiences, especially if you depend on elements and movements of the air and sea - winds and waves and safe ports.

In MEDland project this is an essential method to tune to the Mediterranean world which actually the vast majority is the sea.
Sea is not just flat but also very deep, in some points where we went is over 5000 meters!
MEDland project is focused primarily on islands which are from the tiniest to the biggest each its own world with specific beingness and culture that found its roots on Crete, Ikaria, Samos, Lesbos, Chios, Syros,Andros, Paros, Samothraki, Zakyntos, Itaka, Othoni..
Going over the sea from island to island this time, gave me a strong impulse to observe how Mediterranean islands and three continents are connected and interact as one living organism, including countless “individuals", places and inhabitants, and layers of parallel worlds.

Sea is only a natural boundary...the other side is that sea-water is, in my observations, the most perfect “internet” where infinite information interact, merge, change, create something new, transform…
HOW to connect to this “internet”?

When I do it just a little bit, I can observe a miraculous world which is actually already all co-connected…harmoniously interacting and waiting for us humans to step into this for US new cycle of living, which is being, learning, and co-creating together with Gaia. 
On MEDland flag, representing the project and hanging from the first day from the boat, is written Mediterranean - united by the sea.

Video: Filming: Matej Michalec, Editing: Matej Michalec, Bojan Brecelj, Ida Glušič

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Released by MED Land project / film,  editing: Matej Michalec text bb -  MED Land productin (WGO 2021)

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