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In Between

The engine, the heartbeat of Nalu was handover to Sučoraj, just 60km from Nalu home port but long enough to traveland meet Nikša, the archeologist from Sučuraj* and stop at the stone circle-new land art structure on Hvar island : 


THIS GEOPUNCTURE CIRCLE IS DEDICATED TO THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE. Erected at the end of May 2022 at the Stari Grad Field - Hvar island in Croatia, in the olive growth of Aldo Čavić. It is a creation of Slovenian VITAAA Art Group - creators: Marko Pogačnik, Marika Pogačnik ,Ivana Petan,Aleš Križnar, Nataša Hrast, Simona Čudovan.

 * Nikša Vujnović - does very interesting guided tours in and around Sućoraj! and you can find him in souvenir shop in port >< recommended by medlanders 

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Released by MED Land project / film, photography, editing: BB  text editing - proofreading: Tadej Turnšek, godfather of the story Barbara Ćeferin