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Melania Geymonat

Malania add a lot to the project ! She joint MED Land during September and October 2018 and se was involved in few stories and challenges on Chios, Ikaria, Syros and Aegina island in Aegean sea.. She was "cool" in all situations and ready to help and learn. It meant me a lot since she just finished her final practice as a doctor in the hospital and with joining the project did a shift in her life to experience her creative side through filmmaking & activism, targeting sustainable life, rights… short video about Melania

AND here valuable inpressions from out times ..:

I went to Medland Project having recently finished my medical degree and with the fervent desire of knowing another ways of life. I come from Uruguay, Latin America, a country full of immigrants and with a colonial past. I went to Europe to reunite myself with my ancestors, my roots. In a continent that capitalism has changed so much the society, many people remain living with other values, in alternative ways that struggle in the daily routine to remain possible. But many people live still in alternative and usually creative ways of life, with another rhythm and connection with the land. MedLand Project searchs for this people, connects with them, makes them visible. Little was my knowledge about filmmaking, sailing or the Mediterranean sea, before going. In many ways, this project made me connect so much more with a continent that seemed to be far away from my own values. Sailing in Nalu across the Aegean sea, I learnt the sailor’s culture, lived in peace with nature, finding other agreements with life. I met extraordinary people living in Saros, Samos, Ikaria, Chios and other places we got to stay a bit. I learnt more and more the importance of art, once again, to connect, to communicate with one another.  I wrote, filmed, learnt photography, transcripted, cooked, dived… among many other beautiful things I got to do. This stories and people that remain hidden to the mainstream media are the treasures to be valued in order the pursuit for an alternative and more healthy way of life, and I love to be a part of it!

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Setting UP Art residency-tiny house on the island of Ikaria -Aegean sea

2021: A year to stay at home? 

Can we really live without physical interaction

with living beings, visible and invisible,




like sea?

Ikaria Island is like a crown chakra of the vast Aegean sea, the Mediterranean and beyond.

Can you sense that on the internet?

In 2018, I came here to meet Christodoulos Xenakis, and from the first moment, he shared with me and the MED Land team at the time (Melania and Kubilay) his heartfelt and passionate relation with Ikaria, taking us around and explaining past and present footprints on this ancient land. Christodoulos is 85 year old now, still running an organisation – the Institute for Ikarian Studies (IFIS). One of his compassionate idea was for each EU country to have one container house as an art residency place on Ikaria island. IFIS actually got one which was “waiting for the first“ country to make it happen for more than ten years …

The friendship with Christodoulos, as well as with other Ikarians that MedLanders met in 2019, has grown to this day, which is well reflected in the stories about the adventures of Christodoulos and other Ikarians such as Urania, Dimitris, Vangelis and others. The Med Land team also facilitated a land‑art stone sculpture project on Ikaria by international group of artists-geomants, which is still ongoing.

Here are some links to stories and news related to Christodoulos, Ikaria and Ikarians:

Making Of: Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis 

Urania & five boxes

Christodoulos and Ulysses (Ὀδύσσεια Odýsseia) traveling together

Christodoulos and Ulysses traveling together : The knowledge about Philoktitis and the healing properties of terra limnea

Christodoulos and Ulysses traveling together: over the Marmara Sea to the Bosporus / Troy and Constantinople

The Last Days

AND Ikaria - image gallery by bojan

Ikaria has at least 15,000 years of continuous history of their own specific civilisation. Their main god is Dionysus. During the 600‑year period of pirates, they hid and lived untouched in the middle of the 1,000m high island. The communist ideas are still legit here to this day. Living with less, in a sustainable way, with a lot of music and dancing is what they like … the Dionysus way … Ikaria is also known for many people that easily reached 100 years of age … The recipe is not to live alone.

My top tree virtues of Ikaria that made me become its fen are:


  • the perception of time on Ikaria as one big “now” … Every day is a new day, and a reset of “priority and schedule list“ is normal, acceptable, a way of living;
  • awareness of the values of the Ikaria continent with the positive attitude towards sharing them. It is about being grounded and connected, not only on a human level;
  • openness to the rest of the world.

In 2020, Christodoulos offers us – the “Slovenians“ – a tiny container house to use it for the “project residency“.

In February/March and November/December 2020, four of us made it liveable! The idea is for people with creative aims to be able stay on Ikaria, live, experience, interact, and create something out of it. 


Ivana Petan – ceramic artist

Gregor Erjavec – activist and global networker 

Eva Marn – lawyer, director of and the mother of many national and international projects and initiatives

Bojan Brecelj – Med Land pusher, active in visual media and art projects 

and Christodoulos Xenakis of course!

>>>If you are interested in becoming one of the residents from March 2021 onward, contact us at

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Released by MED Land project / film, photography, editing: BB  text editing - proofreading: Tadej Turnšek, godfather of the story Barbara Ćeferin

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