Hello, dear friend! 

We warmly welcome you to join our crew in any way possible.
Our wish is to build a network of mutual support and cooperation, therefore we are eager to get to know you and hear your thoughts! 

We wish to share inspiration and motivation through stories of people from across the Mediterranean: the more of us, the wider our reach, the stronger our bond. 

Come join us. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Here is a list of possible ways for you to get involved immediately. These are only the ones we got to think of, so we encourage you to share your own ideas with us: 


Personal Info

Donation Total: 10.00€

any contributions (of 10, 20, 50, xyz… EUR) are extremely valuable and will be more than appreciated!

We do a lot of work. It is because we want to do it and we believe in it, but to make it all happen, we do need money now and again. Web domain, equipment, PR-ing, travel costs, mobile phone, research, and, well, just basic food. We will continue with what we do in any case, but with your help, we can do more and better.

become a godfather/godmother/patron
of the next published story or provide targeted monthly support!

A sort of financial “trickle down principle” – or let us call it, monthly pocket money/allowance for basic expenses or for a defined segment of activities: PR and communication work, boat maintenance, research ... We are also addressing institutions, organizations, foundations, and business as possible sponsors to enable a constant financial influx.

any of the things listed below.

medland.life link/logo on your webpage!

Share your space for our logo if you find our project close to your heart and mission. We wish to work, create and live in a network with similar projects, individuals and organisations. One of our main goals is to become one of such platforms; to share and support others with whom we share our visions and missions. 

Tell us about you, let's get in touch!

our stories anywhere and anyhow! This is our core proposal for your cooperation, our main motivation, the point itself!

Share it, send it, pass it on and around, give it away! Through your website or via any social network (FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter ...) or other media. Just talk about it, send it by e-mail, analogue post or pigeon post if you will! We wish our stories to live, to circulate, to travel through real social links. The main purpose of our quest is to reach you, him, her, someone, anyone, everyone, anywhere in anytime. To share our inspiration, thoughts, the intimacy and the feeling of coming together. Join us by sharing our content trough your channels.

CONSTANT operational and influential tasks/NEEDS:

Anyhow in anyway trough all your channels as mentioned above. This could be the most important and the least demanding way of supporting the project.

- transcription  (English <> English): Oh, do we need to transcibe!
- translations (Slovene, or.. <> English): And oh, do we need to translate!
- proof reading (Slovene,or <>English): Yes, one gets overwhelmed. We need your fresh eyes and perspectives.
- research (depending on your background, we specify topic accordingly)
>> Specific research - For new destinations, networks, organizations, institutions, programs in the MED countries. Discover with us, take us places!
- suggest, find and/or apply for funds. Because when we get those funds, we can do more.

Work together, apply for the funds together.

Show us around, teach us, explain, connect. Who should we talk to and about?

Photo exhibition? Storytelling event? Workshop? A screening maybe? Who knows, suggest!

Can we do something together?

Come to art residency! in Hvar. Are you a performer, filmmaker, photographer, writer, maker? Create within the MED. Want to write a story or film us doing it?  

Sail with us! You are always welcome.

Here is another something we really wish for, share your opinions and thoughts with us!
We are collecting impressions and thoughts.