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Water Dragon of Venice – Exhibition in Zadar


Water dragon of Venice project was firs time presented in Galerija Fotografija Ljubljana and galleria of Italian Institute in Ljubljana 2015.WDV project was inspired from Venice lagoon. I spend a year there living on the boat since  I wanted to anchor new period of my life, but it turned out differently. Lagos inspired me to sail on into the seas of Mediterranean and connect in new ways… MED Land project followed…

Time-space-awernes cristalized in form of images is a record of ritual that starts with questions “WHY AND WHAT”  I know I am interested in spaces/places (like Venice lagoon, Mediterranean  islands,..) perceiving them as a living organisms, the sources, geniuslotci of evolving life on it. 

Venice was in the past mastering Mediterranean. The goods are not any more coming over the sea, but the sea itself is still giving the rhythm of life in the lagoon, six hours in…six hours out…

Somehow naturally WDV project evolved in MED Land project. Therefor in Zadar exhibition, an installation of photos, drowings and ceramic sculptures are expressing dimensions beyond Venice, as fare as Aegean islands and seas, as well as element of air.

About WDV project :

The series of photographs was created mainly in the period from July to December 2013 They are a reflection of my connection with the causal-elemental nature, and my search to connect with the active primal points of the space. In the past, the Venetian civilization was already attuned to many of these places, but some of them were once dormant. 

The images are stories – imprints of the pulse of life, which is not explicitly visible. They were revealed to me in a more material, conscious form, through photos. Through the process of the search-tuning-taking photos, I became conscious of new secrets of (my) world. I’m passing them forward not as facts, but only as information, reflecting my actual self. I am not alone in the universe. I interact with so many manifestations around me and within me, consciously or subconsciously. For me, the Dragon2 of Venice is primarily a water dragon… Life-water, Air-water, Fire-water and Earth-water, they are four of the pervading elements of the Dragon being.  >> more

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