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Three faces of Lesbos

Lesbos lately became famous for the „most unbearable refugee camp in the world“ as they call it here. Now, we might already have forgotten about it, but the hard reality in the packed camp of Moria and people waiting for years to get asylum rights, is a part of daily life on the island. And: People are still coming and drowning on their way to Europe.

At the harbour, visitors of fancy coffee bars and refugee families fishing coexist quite separately. ut there is a minority of locals and mostly foreigners who run projects & activities that are extremely valuable for the many lost on Lesbos…depressed, with no future and especially with nothing to do.

Europe turns a blind eye and the Greek government obeys Europe by ignoring 
refugees needs, especially in legal processes. This should convince Afghans, Syrians, and many Africans NOT to cross over at all!  

I can see - in the future - the Mediterranean Sea full of blood since you cannot stop people from escaping violence at home“ 26-year-old Omar from Syria stated. In April 2017 he started refuge4refugees-  an NGOo working on Lesbos and Samos. 

We stayed much longer than we thought and got closer to many more heroes…VIDEO

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4 years ago