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ABOVE expectations..
2021 MED Land destinations were Peloponnese and Crete. Ivana Petan, Ida Glušič, Matej Michalec and BB were the team. MEDLand 2021[...]
Exhibition »VENICE – EMBRYO OF THE NEW EARTH SPACE« is extended
 'Summary' : Six years ago, MED Land project started in Venice, and in 2020, Venice was again inspiring me in[...]
From Peloponnese(GR) to Hvar islaland, sailing and photography
 IZREDNA priložnost, da veš več o fotografiji in jadranju EXCELLENT opportunity to know more about photography and sailing >> in[...]

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home organization of MED Land project is , partners are :  Muzej Staro Grada-island Hvar, Galerija Fotografija in Ljubljana  and Galerija Umjetnina- Split