#6 Coming and Going – MEDland Project (June 2021)

Three hours by car could be three days traveling with the wind and currents - it actually took us three days to touch each finger of Peloponnese.
Traveling over the sea brings you to the other places and experiences, especially if you depend on elements and movements of the air and sea - winds and waves and safe ports.

In MEDland project this is an essential method to tune to the Mediterranean world which actually the vast majority is the sea.
Sea is not just flat but also very deep, in some points where we went is over 5000 meters!
MEDland project is focused primarily on islands which are from the tiniest to the biggest each its own world with specific beingness and culture that found its roots on Crete, Ikaria, Samos, Lesbos, Chios, Syros,Andros, Paros, Samothraki, Zakyntos, Itaka, Othoni..
Going over the sea from island to island this time, gave me a strong impulse to observe how Mediterranean islands and three continents are connected and interact as one living organism, including countless “individuals", places and inhabitants, and layers of parallel worlds.

Sea is only a natural boundary...the other side is that sea-water is, in my observations, the most perfect “internet” where infinite information interact, merge, change, create something new, transform…
HOW to connect to this “internet”?

When I do it just a little bit, I can observe a miraculous world which is actually already all co-connected…harmoniously interacting and waiting for us humans to step into this for US new cycle of living, which is being, learning, and co-creating together with Gaia. 
On MEDland flag, representing the project and hanging from the first day from the boat, is written Mediterranean - united by the sea.

Video: Filming: Matej Michalec, Editing: Matej Michalec, Bojan Brecelj, Ida Glušič

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Released by MED Land project / film,  editing: Matej Michalec text bb -  MED Land productin (WGO 2021)

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