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Peter Koraca

Peter Koraca is a friend of Bojan’s and of a project as well. He worked as a lecturer and New Media Researcher at Designskolen Kolding in DK in 2011. Currently he is a London based Interaction designer, creative coder and photographer. His contributions to the MED were in pro advise for the web as well as in form of a financial donation.

Nina Gale

Nina Gale – is a close family, a lover of film and photography. She grew up in a family where 3 Slovenian famous films were born :”Kekec”, “Good Luck, Kekec” and “Kekec’s Tricks”. Her passion is Pathology and has a long academic carer, working as professor and researcher at the University of Ljubljana at Department of Pathology. She is a regular print buyer and had contributed with a kind donation.

Marko Pogačnik

Marko Pogačnik is a founder of Vitaaa the main sponzor for our reporting work in the Ionian islands in 2017. Marko is a life long colaborator and a friend of Bojan Brecelj’s. They started collaborating in 1978, as part of an art group Familly of Šemas that represented Yugoslavia at Venice bienale.

Japec Jakopin

Japec Jakopin is a board member. He works as a CEO of  J&J Design a yacht design company.His harfull engagement in the project can is also, be seen on big improvements on boat NALU. Japec first start up with the boats was restoring three! traditional wooden boats!

Violeta Bulc

Violeta Bulc has been supporting the project both morally and professionally since the early stages of developing and presenting new models for production and distribution of journalistic work, presented at INCO (Innovation -communication).
These new models are now being implemented also in the MED Land project.

Aldo Ćavić

Aldo Ćavić is a director of Museum in Stari Grad our second home and one of the main partners of the project. Aldo, philosopher by profession has also published poetry and his museum is known for contemporary exhibitions.
He is rethinking Mediterranean world today by initiating a re-connection of Paros (greek island whose inhabitants were the first colonisers of the Stari Grad bay) with Stari Grad (known as Faros at that time) by sea expeditions.

Mala Mare, a farewell song

>4. 5. 2018<

Before we sailed away, friends came to greet us on the boat.
We drank a glass of wine to farewell of our trip and they sang “Mala Mare”.

Thank you, Huck – Željko Perović!

>3. 5. 2018<

Huck got hooked a year ago.
He is a pro
fessional sailmaker and everybody in sailing world in a circle of a few hundred kilometers know him. Besides of being a top sailmaker he is  also a very skilled sailer. Huck specialises in making sails for the smallest sailboats  Optimists (dinghy)  and for the top performance racing ones.
But my need was quite the opposite! A big brown, old-styled sail-gaft rig. Hugh got enthusiastic about it and, first of all, made a new design according to the nowaday’s knowledge about materials and possibilities. My unspoken wish, from the very first moment  I laid eyes on Nalu, was having a front sail. Which I could not afford. But Huck liked the boat and the idea of a front sail and generously offered to sponsor it.
A year after, just a day before we head again to the next island, we finally fixed it on Nalu!