Thank you, Huck – Željko Perović!

>3. 5. 2018<

Huck got hooked a year ago.
He is a pro
fessional sailmaker and everybody in sailing world in a circle of a few hundred kilometers know him. Besides of being a top sailmaker he is  also a very skilled sailer. Huck specialises in making sails for the smallest sailboats  Optimists (dinghy)  and for the top performance racing ones.
But my need was quite the opposite! A big brown, old-styled sail-gaft rig. Hugh got enthusiastic about it and, first of all, made a new design according to the nowaday’s knowledge about materials and possibilities. My unspoken wish, from the very first moment  I laid eyes on Nalu, was having a front sail. Which I could not afford. But Huck liked the boat and the idea of a front sail and generously offered to sponsor it.
A year after, just a day before we head again to the next island, we finally fixed it on Nalu!