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Lui Petrič

Just before Lui Petrič left, he gave his final quote..

Lui Petrič final Q

whatever in the human being is, everybody works and wants to know whether it is his or not his if you do not have that policy, stability what you are working for and money,,, aye it is aye than it is terrible.. for instance Israel was saved because of kibbutzim.. there is no money, once there is no money you have to listen..then other people think for you ..pollution is the greatest enemy, we destroy nature...

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Posted by bojanb
a few months ago

In between – Aine

If I was to describe the 4 weeks' time of Inbetweening with Áine, I’d use the sentence ‘Is that so?’ from a story about Zen master Hakuin that Áine told me one day on the boat.

A very ‘humble, disciple, and great master in one’-soul; young, full of passion to learn, to experiment, to be persistent, but also willing to surrender when need be…; is that so.

Formally we got stuck with the maintenance work on the boat that was not finished in time to do the planned MED trip BUT! we took this trip from day to day heading through MED Land tasks that always need to be done.. for the good reason to create conditions where we can meet and exchange what and for what we are ..

Aine started a new Youtube channel for MEDLand Project, and created three videos during her time here – including a video specifically about our In Between-time:

What is Med Land Project? -intro on youtube

This video briefly describing what Med Land Project is, why it exists, where it operates, how it came to be, and what it aims to do. If you are interested in a deeper explanation, please hop over to this video:https://youtu.be/7YPMWxGlpPY by Aine

In Between: Nalu's Engine Surgery

  video:https://youtu.be/D8V8dTYc3c0 by Aine

In Between: Handover

s video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6LHy09eUAY by Aine

AND :  image review-selection of Ainas pics from that time, that I can point out :

1,2 - dynamic composition, by default static- main object in the center BUT here  front and background is in a dynamic relationship and makes photos beautiful 

3 - again every bit has a sense here..I start and end looking where the eyes should be and I do not miss them! 

4- a detail with a lot of stories that light and color speak directly 

5- the light dominates here! light has a form..

6- if you forget about the bike and observe only shadow ..photo starts to "move on " 


images of a storyteller :-))

...wrigting, droving, filming, photografing ...  storytelling 

follow her here https://www.youtube.com/c/AineDonnellan

and Instagram of-course : https://www.instagram.com/ainedonnellan/

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