Syros “the centre of the world”

A few days ago we landed on Syros, the capital island of the Cyclades group in the Aegean sea.
It is not biggest of them all. 
It is not situated in the centre.
It is neither greener nor does it have more diverse resources than the other islands.
It has a very particular history that dates back centuries and when the Turks took over many of the neighbouring islands. Syros was wealthy enough to pay the Turks to let them free.
Hermopolis, the capital of Syros, was for a short time the capital of Greece, as well as the country’s most important port. The island even features an university department and the first high school in Greece was founded in Ermopolis.
There are around 25.000 people living in Syros all year round. 
Just like every island has its own mineral formation that creates the pulse of life, Syros is one of a kind. For islanders, this still feels like the “centre of the world”.

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Posted by bojanb
6 years ago