Photography workshop under the sails

>17. 6. 2015<

Announcement and invitation:

Photography workshop under the sails on a sailboat Sutorman:1-8 August >Conditions and the PRICE are very affordable, and the opportunity of extraordinary !
The boat in its 15 meters gives the comfort of 10 people – 3 we, the crew, including mentor for photography.
It will be intense, but all in tune with the wind and the spirit of the whole team.
Travel and photography workshop begins in Stari Grad, the island of Hvar. Our route will south towards island of Korcula, Mljet, Lastovo… Depending on the winds and the mood we embrace during seven days. We end up in  Stari Grad Hvar.
The price for the stay, sailing, skipper and mentor /photo workshop is 360 EUR + food, which is procured according to the principle of total purchases from the joint treasury/ everybody contributing the same share. On board is a kitchen, fridge and all necessary for preparation. The cabin is for two people >> more photos of the boat
Photography workshop :  there is no limitation for participation regarding your knowledge of photography, however, it is necessary that you have your own equipment, camera, and computer with program for viewing photos. The workshop will be dedicated to your individual needs for developing your skills in photography. Tasks will be tailored according to the knowledge of the individual. Training will be primarily focused on the technical knowledge that we need, that our admiration actually appears on the photo :  “to get what we see”
* The rhythm  of work : in the middle of the day when it will be hot and the light “flat”, we will process some of the theories that will be related to the technical basics such as aperture, time, sensitivity, color, format (jpg,RAW..,) as the light , the framing, and the logic of observation, approach, … This knowledge will be every day practiced through certain practical exercises.
Each will exercise by himself, on their individual walks in the morning and afternoon on locations where we docked, as well as also during the voyage )) The evening will be the time when we will have photos reviews to discuss the “language of pictures “. According to the very environment, the sea, the wind, the boat, new places ..and a plethora of opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, sailing.. we will be temperate with the time that we take for photography. I can expect also questions that  each of you will bring with your camera menus and bottoms… Such cases I will answer as each separately, if necessary .
Mentor : Bojan Brecelj – the status of a freelance artist/ photographer. The main experience is 15 years of intensive cooperation with the Fr,I,D agencies Sygma, Corbis Fr, Focus.. and the media directly, in reportage projects .This period is summarised in the copyright book : Strange Friends, Other book subject were tropical mangrove forests, Venice (author Marko Pogacnik), where I worked closely with the photo. Several projects were derived as the exhibition. From 2010 onwards, group projects, including Selffish/self-portrait installation : “Who are you ?”, “Synergies of Sarajevo”, “Ermoclia, the place I want to be”, 7/8 DAYS..In the past projects were doneI  also in the field of documentary film (the shooting script), stage design, graphic design and multimedia projects / more
Skipper : Miran Srša, with many years of sailing experience in the Adriatic and the constructor of over 50 yachts, will provide a pleasant and secure navigation and secure anchoring in less inhabited bays and ports, in the rhythm that we may, in addition to all the maritime pleasures predominantly focused on the pictures .
The time is approaching ! . The conditions and the PRICE are really very affordable , and the opportunity of extraordinary ! given the limited number of 7 participants (now 1-2 are still free)   – I recommend that you book your place as soon as possible >>
contact : , 041 765 714