Destination Othonoi

>28. 6. 2017<

Othonoi island is the first or the last of Ionian islands. It lies opposite Albania. Its name means “throne”, because in Paleolithic, three islands – Othonoi, Mathraki and Erikoussa – were one land and also connected to Corfu, as the sea level was lower…

Although small and with as few as 300 all year round inhabitants, Othonoi has its very particular and strong character. It has an intensive history, being close to Italy on the fringe of the Strait of Otranto. In recent history, most islanders spent their productive time in the USA and came back with their savings. Now the island flourishes! Why? Because 3 to 4 years ago, one man, Yannis Katehis, returned on his father’s island and step by step his vision was put to practice by 21 associates of KIPPKO association. What do they do? As an independent group with a large group of followers, they are taking over the island, investing their own time and money: the port, water, waste, clearing old walking trails, sustainable agriculture, everything connected with tourism … All of this is already happening here. According to Yannis, the only threat that for the future of the island is the ongoing occupation of Greece, which is targeting the oil basin that lies beneath the Othonoi part of Ionian sea. …

Photos in this post are by Marko Vodanović and Bojan B MED Land project is work in progress.

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Production:; Concept, Photography; Audio interviewing, Editing: Bojan Brecelj; Portraits: self-portraits with Selffish Studio set