Nalu is a Sciarelli wooden catbot. This wooden bot is totally part of the MED Land Project.

Nalu, a wooden professionally restored  Sciarelli catboat

The boat: 

Known as the Catboat (....It is generally accepted that the origin of the catboat type was in New York around 1840 and from there spread east and south as the virtues of the type — simplicity, ease of handling, shallow draft, large capacity — were discovered. Historically, they were used for fishing and transport in the coastal waters around...wikipedia

NaLu was built in Trieste in 1978. It is one of eight that were built from the design of the famous naval architect Carlo Schiarrelli, who owned a catboat himself!

The boat is 7.50 mt. long, very deep and 3.36 mt. wide creating a very spacious interior.

The saloon space is used also as a very comfortable double bedroom and is equipped with a kitchen with sweet and sea tap water, ample refrigerator and an additional bed, normally used for storage space.

In front is a separate cabin for two.

There is also an electric flush toilet with sink and sweet tap water.

The special feature of this boat is its lift keel which makes her very suitable for cruising in the Laguna. The other unique feature is the one huge sail, almost 40m2!

Nalu Images of the interior, in Vence, in Faros-Hvar, Paxos, Kefalonia ...)

During 2010-2013 the boat was professionally restored

and the restoration was even published in the book:  Barche in Legno by Andrea Cappai, Lorenzo Luxich

Restauration of the boat- img

LINK to the book