First destination: Ionian islands

>4. 6. 2017<

Our first destination of 2017 is Greece, Ionian islands, from May 15 until end of June.

Othonoi, Ithaca, and Zakyntos islands are the destinations to meet people who will tell their uniquie stories through photos, self portraits and interviews, reflecting their lives rooted in there home land and sea. The crew consists of Bojan Brecelj and Marko Vodanović, also a photographer, a native from the island of Hvar, skillful at the sea and with the boat. His photos are actually reflecting the story-making, and most of the images published on the Facebook page are his. Beside assisting in the field, he is ready to do anything needed on the boat, including repairs :-))

For the first ten days, we were joined by Diane Kulpinski. Her background is photography and journalism, and her focus in the project was to be a “stringer”, finding and contacting certain people that could be interesting for the first interviews on the Ithaca island.
MED Land project is work in progress.

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Production:; Concept, Photography; Audio interviewing, Editing: Bojan Brecelj; Portraits: self-portraits with Selffish Studio set