#3 Over the open sea – MEDland Project (June 2021)

Why we are on the sea again: to take of from our virtual “mind you gap” comfort zone?

My motivation is to start to feel and understand the connectivity of the “islands, places ” in the Mediterranean world.

It is something opposite to what I was focused on till now.

The evolution or to say civilization that we are part of, is empowered and inspired, motivated from the qualities of the particular place: island, river, welly,…

The qualities, the individuality of each place is (was) the key for progress- AND now I can say also regress.

But there is But.

NOW there is also awareness of the “strings”.

Which means CONNECTIONS, vivid interactions, creating a new energy field of consciousness between all existing life here and above.

A foundation for evolution in this fast-changing times.

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Released by MED Land project / film, photography, editing: BB  text editing - proofreading: Tadej Turnšek, godfather of the story Barbara Ćeferin

Posted by bojanb
3 years ago