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Volunteer Kubilay Günther

Besides being involved into the MED Land Project see how our volunteer Kubilay Günther enjoys his wonderful time with us...

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a couple of years ago

Making Of: Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis

Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis

We had a chance to meet the fabulous neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Christodoulos Xenakis, who was born in 1936 in Ikaria - times in history in which Ikaria was an occupied island. Thus he went through times being a refugee in Cairo those days, he finished his medicine degree in Germany.
Nowadays he lives most of the year on Ikaria where he started the Association of Ikarian Studies. It is a cultural organization publishing books and open to manage any projects "to improve life on Ikaria”. 
He is helping people around Mediterranean with his medical knowledge, which is also about the herbs that he studies lately. Christodoulos is a sailor and his latest passion is also organising Senior Regatta’s on Ikaria.

To learn more about his unique life story and the way of living with 81 years - story coming soon...

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a couple of years ago

Making Of: Mediterranean wooden boatbuilder

>01.10.2018> Giorgos and Stella are a married couple living on Samos island in Greece. Together they build wooden boats in an atmosphere that mixes both passion and hard work. Learn more about the uniqueness life being a boatbuilder in Mediterranean with the coming story...

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a couple of years ago

Meeting Eileen Botsford

Two times I had the chance to meet Eileen Botsford. She was born in Athens but brought up on Syros island. Her master was in Fine Arts at Slade School of Fine Arts in London and she didn’t come straight back…
She names her activity as land art and community art. 
The first time we meet she showed me an exhibition of the project that she initiated. ”Cruises" is about Boat Trips: A Visual Exhibition from the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. The purpose of this action taken by Primary and Secondary Schools of Leros, Lipsi, Kos, Syros, Naxos, Milos and Thira was the journey of imagination through artistic creation, the cultivation of artistic expression with emphasis on insularity and the common insular origin of students. Moreover, she wants to eliminate the distances between the greek islands through artistic expression and exchange of ideas, experiences and information among students.
The second time she took me to see some cracks that were (still) filled with golden mud. Filling the gaps was part of the project that she had with underprivileged children. Usually these kind of children knows their lives as being cared and worried about. Her project was to give them the opposite experience since they were filling up the cracks in the weals in the town with “gold”. This act was also having a memory when Chinese were glowing broken ceramics with gold.

More about her on:
Website - Eileen Botsford

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Making Of: Mimis and Dimitris

“If you dont see where you are going, you go where you see”
Mimi - Martoulas Dimitris was born and lives on Chios island which is only 2 miles away from Turkey. Already as a child he wished to have a farm and be independent. "I love challenges AND if I fell like doing it, I DO IT. Living sustainable in peace with yourself in harmony and with nature is philosophy he is practicing every day...

Mimis brought us to his “soul brother” Dimitris on island Samos. “The place leads your mind and after you can do a lot“. Dimitris lives creative and independent life, routed in nature, which is the land of Samos and also seas of Mediterranean. Dimitri will tell us about his universe in his coming story...

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Making Of – Lively island of Paros

>10.06.2018< We have spent the past few days exploring the beautiful and lively island of Paros, where we have met many different people, each with their own unique story and relationship with this piece of land…

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Making Of: Creative hearts of Syros

>08.06.2018< The island of Syros is a very interesting place, with a serene atmosphere and an array of creative, open-minded people that make the land’s energy pulse even more.

MED Land Project caught up with a few of them and here is a short introductory video to their stories.



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Syros “the centre of the world”

A few days ago we landed on Syros, the capital island of the Cyclades group in the Aegean sea.
It is not biggest of them all. 
It is not situated in the centre.
It is neither greener nor does it have more diverse resources than the other islands.
It has a very particular history that dates back centuries and when the Turks took over many of the neighbouring islands. Syros was wealthy enough to pay the Turks to let them free.
Hermopolis, the capital of Syros, was for a short time the capital of Greece, as well as the country’s most important port. The island even features an university department and the first high school in Greece was founded in Ermopolis.
There are around 25.000 people living in Syros all year round. 
Just like every island has its own mineral formation that creates the pulse of life, Syros is one of a kind. For islanders, this still feels like the “centre of the world”.

More information on Facebook

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a couple of years ago